Web Wednesdays #3

So my ignorance precedes me. I started doing Web Wednesday as a lead-in to Stu’s Thursday Thirteen. I had no idea that Thursday Thirteen was a web hit. However, it is easier to come up with one video, then it is to think of thirteen things. I could do it, but it might have to be my Music Theory homework, and I don’t think you want to hear a bunch of figured bass, seventh chords, and four-part harmony.

I’m back at school after a terrible Spring Break. Didn’t do much except procrastinate on my homework. But now I’m back at school and couldn’t be happier. I also brought a bit of vintage Vs. I built two decks for my friends to play with so they didn’t have to use Magic Workstation all the time. Pro Circuit Indy 2006 will now be replayed at Bloomfield College as I brought Anthony Calabrese’s Secret Society deck and a Checkmate/Villans deck (my 22nd place deck from $10k Indy 2007). I want to give them a taste of a competitive deck, and hopefully teach some of the advanced techniques using these decks. I wish I had cards from the new sets so I could make some iconic decks (World’s Finest, JLA) that were also competitive. But I’m broke and I don’t trust internet sales very much. I guess I can do that on MWS….

But we digress, let’s get on with the Web Wednesday video. This video is a parody of David Blaine street magic. It features Mikey Day from Wild ‘N Out, and some other guy…. So enjoy!

A little picture….

Since I have a ten page paper to work on tonight, here is a little something to make you think.

Who has the biggest picture in Vs. System Event Coverage History? Now I’m talking abut about feature match pictures only, not the pictures of the winners, those do not count. Here is the man…..


Web Wednesdays #3 ULTRA MEGA EDITION

That’s right folks, its been a long time since my last post (Last Web Wednesday in fact), so you will now be graced with


Of my Web Wednesday.  So this edition will have 3 segments to it, the first segment is actually what I was going to blog on yesterday. It was my maiden voyage to Chipotle. You can see the story below. The second segement will be a Vs. segment (gasp!). Yes I actually have a deck that I am going to showcase.  And it will bring a disclaimer that you will clearly see. The last segment will be the actual Web Wednesday segment, and there will be FOUR videos for your enjoyment. So strap yourself in, because you’re going to be in for a long ride. 


So The Deranged Bear loves Chipotle, and everytime I drive past a Chipotle, I want it. So on this fateful day [yesterday], me and my mother took time out of my Spring Break to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Chipotle in Bridgewater, NJ. The idea came when I was reading US News and World Report in the eye doctor office waiting for my name to be called. I’ll read anything when I’m at the doctor. There was an article about Chipotle in the magazine with an interview witht the CEO. At that moment, I had a craving for Chipotle that I had never had for any women, animal, or other piece of food in my life. It had to be mine. So after we went home, I immediately went to the Chipotle website to find the nearest location to our house. Bridgewater, NJ had the closest one and my mom graciously drove both of us to Chipotle. We spent about 20 of the 25 minute car ride actually trying to find the damn place going around in circles. 

“This better be the best damn burrito I’ve ever had,” my mom exclaimed as we finally pulled up to the restaurant. We walked in and immediately went to the front of the line, but we didn’t realize that there was a barrier in front of us that actually was the line. Uhhh, so we turn around and get in the actual line. We looked at the simplistic menu and I immediately decided on a burrito (My decision was made hours in advance). My burrito consisted of Cilantro-Lime Rice, Barbacoa (shredded beef), Cheese, and Sour Cream. I’m not much of a beans or lettuce kind of guy. My mom got a chicken burrito with Rice, Beans, Lettuce, and Sour Cream. We also got some chips and salsa and drinks and sat down. The anxiety I felt was incredible. I bit into the first piece, and I was in heaven. That burrito was the GREATEST burrito I have ever had in my entire life. I could taste each individual ingrediant, and they were all savory. It was like poetry in my mouth. The chips and salsa were also very good, but did not compare to the burrito. And of course my mom gave the standard, “It was ok” when I asked how her burrito was. She needs more spice in her life. She needs more Chipotle.

We drove back home and I wanted more. I can’t wait to go back to college as there is a Chipotle about 5 minutes away from the campus. Oh baby.

 So thank you US News and World Report for giving me the craving, and thank you TDB for planting the seed in my mind that I wanted Chipotle. And here is a video for your enjoyment (No this is not Web Wednesday)

 A Vs. System Production.

So I haven’t talked Vs. in a LONG time. With multiple problems with Windows and Magic Workstation and college getting in the way, I couldn’t build any decks. But now everything is working again, and I am back with another deck that I have made. Enjoy.

So two of my favorite things to do in card games are killing off characters and drawing cards. By killing off I mean either KOing them or bouncing them back to the hand. So what it the one team that does both of these things……


Yes, a fan favorite for its jankiness, I have built a Wild Pack deck. Now given the lack of characters the team has, I had to team them up with someone, and I had to think about it for a while, but I finally decided on the Fantastic Four. They have some of the best team-stamped combat pumps (Family of Four, It’s Clobberin’ Time!) and that would go great with my average Wild Pack characters. So here is my deck with an anyalsis of each card.


The following deck has not been playtested, the deck has been reworked only through multiple amounts of goldfishing. Anyone who would like to help playtest it, please find me on Magic Workstation; name, d1sh0ng.


Anyway, here it is…..

4 Powell, Southern Charm

4 Invisible Woman, Walking on Air

4 Crippler, Carl Striklan

3 Dominic Fortune, Soldier of Fortune

2 Luke Cage, Steel-Hard Skin

4 Silver Sable, World’s Deadliest Mercenary

1 Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker

2 Thing, Heavy Hitter

1 Sandman, Intruders

1 Human Torch, Flame On!

1 Mr. Fantastic, Dimensional Explorer

1 Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk

29 Characters

4 Enemy of my Enemy

4 Signal Flare

4 Savage Beatdown

4 It’s Clobberin’ Time!

4 Bounty Hunt

4 Stealthcraft, Team-up

24 Plot Twists

3 New Baxter Building

3 Locations

4 Capture Net

4 Equipment

Now let’s delve into the deck a little bit…

The first three turns are there to set up the quasi-dual loyalty that Silver Sable has. You are going to underdrop at some point during these first three turns, that’s fine. Once Sable comes out, you bounce their 4 using any means neccesary. After that, it is a standard curve deck, but always try to have Sable bounce the highest drop by protecting her on off-initiave and swinging back. You want evens with this deck, so you can use Sable right away. Thing on 5 is the obvious play anytime. And Torch on 6 is nice, however if you are on odds and have some Capture Nets, down, Mr. Fantastic isn’t terrible. 7 has to be Hulk, if you are able to use Bounty Hunt you should be able to discard 1 or 2 cards for him.

And now here’s a card-by-card anyalsis…

Powell- More of a plot twist, he can get your Team-Up or Bounty Hunt. Be sure to use him to exhaust defenders so you can set the resource for the next turn. Or you can use him in the Resource Step if you have a low cost character to exhaust.

Invisible Woman- A low cost FF character with a big butt. You drop her on turn 1, your opponent will probably say “pass”.

Crippler- Lost cost Wild Pack character, power only is good when you team attack with him. But most likely the character is going to get bounce anyway.

Dominic Fortune- It’s nice to see what you are going to draw, plus an ATK or DEF bonus, I like.

Luke Cage- I love drawing cards, and if you keep him out for awhile, you will be drawing cards galore, I’m thinking about making him my primary 2.

Silver Sable- Bounces characters, triggers Bounty Hunt to draw cards, what more could you want? Plan to always drop her turn 4. Sometimes even turn 5 if you are on odds.

Mr. Fantastic- Alternate 4 in case Sable can’t be recruited. More card draw, and a big butt.

Thing- Big Body, hard to get around. That’s about it.

Sandman- Alternate 5, but his power can be gut-wrenching with reinforcment. Possible 13/1? Sorry 6 drop but your are getting Capture Net’d.

Human Torch- A game ender if opponent is low on endurance, but usually vanilla.

Mr. Fantastic- Capture Nets + New Baxter Building + Mr. Fantastic = Cards!!

Hulk- With all the cards you hope to be drawing, he can get big.

Enemy and Signal Flare- Think about it.

Savage Beatdown- So Sable can get up that curve.

It’s Clobberin’ Time!- So Sable can get up that curve, and not stun back.

Stealthcraft- Standard Team-Up, But flight too? Nice.

Bounty Hunt- There will lots of ways to get counters on this, and with multiples, card draw will be plenty.

New Baxter Buliding- Nice with Capture Net. 3 just because I don’t always want to see it. And you can draw two cards with a FF discard!

Capture Net- Board Advantage plus Card Draw, my new favorite card!

 So that’s a taste of my deck. If you would like to help me playtest it, please let me know or get on the MWS server and I’ll play.


You guys are in for a treat. This Web Wednesday will have four videos! These videos are a series brought to you by nigahiga on YouTube. He is the 2nd most subscribed comedic user on YouTube. These videos are instructional videos that will teach you how to be Ninja, Gangster, Emo, and Nerd. You need to watch them from top to bottom as well, so don’t watch the first one that loads. So without further ado, enjoy!

Web Wednesdays #2

So I’m feeling much better now. And what great timing because it that day again. It’s Web Wednesday! And I have to show more love for some of the students at Bloomfield College. This is yet another video done for class given to us by Johnny Velvet (Stage Name, real name is Edgar Entienne) and Terron Hibbert. JV is the man beginning the chase and almost gets hit by a car. Just the way he runs makes me crack up. Terron is the one talking on his cell phone. And to add, the music is AMAZING. So without further ado, enjoy another slice of Bloomfield College.

I Keep It Real

A lot of these posts I see on other blogs are all sunshine and flowers. Everything is so positive and awesome. Not here, I keep it real. And I’ll be honest….

I’m not in very good mood.

I haven’t played Vs. in forever, my Windows is being pretty uncooperative. And I have 3 tests this week, a paper due on Thursday, two midterms after Spring Break, and a 10 page paper due after Spring Break.

Plus I’m doing filming for my friend’s movie.

Welcome to the real world.

I apologize for those reading this. I probably ruined your amazing day. So to make you (and me) feel better, here is this…..


Web Wednesdays #1

It’s about time I started a segment on my show. This will be a setup to Stu’s Thursday Thirteen. Every week I will show you one web video that I find that is humorous to me. Since us college kids are always going on YouTube, we can find some pretty crazy stuff. I already have about 10+ videos on tap. So before I showcase the very first web video let me tell you about my Vs. Experience thus far.

There has been none. Other than surfing VsRealms and watching coverage of the Mega-Weekend (I cannot wait until June!), I haven’t played many games.  I really miss the days where I could go to PCQ’s and $10ks and just have a ball. MWS has been slow, and now Windows does not work on my Mac. But it will all get settled and we will be back to days of breakthrough, and crazy timings of Berserker Rage, Healing Factor, and Wolverine.

AND BIZARRO IS DEAD!!! R.I.H. (Rest in Hell)

So without further ado, here is my friend Ramon Ortiz with his instructional video on How To Rob Someone. This was done as part of a Video Production class at Bloomfield College, and was filmed on campus. Enjoy!

From Ramon: A Video I made for my Video Production Class Last Year. I don’t enforce nor recommend any of the actions that take place in this Video to be. Enjoy!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not a big Valentine’s Day guy. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been with someone on Valentine’s Day (I’m young, so I’m not worried though :-).  But people have been talking about their couples decks for Valentine’s Day.  Well since this is a capitalistic holiday, here is my Valentine’s Day deck….

60 Damn Nazis, Army

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dishong 2008

It’s primary time, with Super Tuesday gone and a couple of primaries left to go, we will soon find out the two men (or woman) that will duke it out to become the next president of the United STates.

Maybe they should play Vs to decide the next President?

And now with the stubarnes’ new article on vssystem.com we have even more to vote for,

“Risk vs. Reward’s Greatest Blogger on Earth!”

I am very thankful to be nominated as one of the Greatest Blogger’s on Earth. I’m just doing this when I have some free time from the strain that is college. So get your votes in, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the result of the Greatest Blogger on Earth.

In the meantime, I found this on Youtube, thank you to xlordazrealx for taking the footage of this. This is live floor footage of the Mega-Weekend that just occurred last weekend, thank you xlordazrealx

Off track, but an adventure nonetheless.

So this has nothing to do with Vs. System but its a gripping story. Our college, Bloomfield College has a program called When East Meets West. Bascially foundefinedundefinedr three weeks in Janurary, students from Jeonju University in South Korea  come to Bloomfield and go to NYC, and create a project with our Bloomfield students. And although I was not in the program, lots of my friends were a part of it, and I got to hang out with the Korean students in the dorms. And one of the frequent activities that were partaked in was….

 starcraft.jpg   (Amateur Photo)

So we played Starfcraft for most until about 1 in the morning. Great time, even though the Americans never beat the Koreans. 2v2, 2v1, even 3v1!! And we still lost!

Now me, Steve (recurring character on this blog), and Phil all are training on Starcraft attempting to beat Jin and Antonio (Yes he’s Korean) when Steve and Phil go to Korea. And hopefully I can pull some strings and go to!

More later.

The first game…

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and what a day it was. It began with the usual church in the morning. Lunch in the cafeteria, then found out my friend Pat had Super Smash Bro’s Brawl on his modded Wii. So while the entire college was trying to partake in illegal Brawls, me and Steve were finally setting up Magic Workstation on his computer. And when we were done the game commenced. My Spidey Stall vs. My Xavier’s Mental Hospital for Gifted Psychos with medication (the medication means it’s been revised). I gave Steve the X-Mental deck since I thought it was easier to pilot. And for his game he did pretty well, I had to guide through some areas and I ultimately won the game (He kept a hand that didn’t have a 2 or 3 drop, he’ll learn). He still had fun. I think he likes Emma Frost, Double Duck and Cover on turn 5 Brickwalled my face in. I should build the Titans deck from days of yore, he seems to love that deck after all the tricks I told him about. He could really learn the rules of the game by learning how to pilot the Titans deck. Until next time guys.

By the way, this blog is not intended to be a daily blog. As a college student and Student Ambassdor, and hopefully an RA next year, I’m a very busy man on campus. I don’t have time doing the daily thing.